One of my favourite paintings can be found in the home of the renowned midcentury Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl. The painting is of his second wife, Hanne Hansen by Danish painter, Vilhelm Lundstrøm.

Lundstrøm was one of the most famous and beloved Danish painters of the 20th Century and he inspired midcentury architects and designers such as Finn Juhl and Poul Henningson with his use of colour and the focus on form and balance in his simplified compositions.

There are several of Lundstrøm’s paintings in Finn Juhl’s house, (which is wonderful and warrants a separate entry all of its own!). The house is in Oordrupgaard, just outside Copenhagen, it was bought in its entirety by the Oordrupgaard Museum and now forms part of their permanent collection. It’s been perfectly preserved and the open-plan interior features furniture designed by Juhl himself as well as his personal collection of art.