We are proud of the links we have with many of the best British fabrics brands as well as individual textile designers such as Eleanor Pritchard and Newton Paisley. It allows us to offer customers a wide ranging and eclectic range of fabric options for their bespoke piece.

It’s important for us and our customers to know the fabrics we use are robust and can cope with modern life. With that in mind we use a lot of wool in our upholstery as it is hard wearing, durable and holds its shape well to give an excellent finish.

Wool is also a natural material and inherently water resistant which make it good for stain removal and easier to keep clean.

We have some fantastic velvets we can recommend as well as some wool blend ranges.


Bespoke offers an opportunity to be creative..

You may have a picture or heirloom you would like to coordinate with, or an existing scheme you would like to enhance..?

If you have a colour range or particular tone you have in mind, let us know and we can send out a range of swatches to suit.

We advise customers to look at fabrics in the space where the sofa or armchair will sit as different light can make a big difference to how a particular fabric looks.

We are always happy to make suggestions and can guide you through the possibilities and what might work well in your space.


All of the materials and fabrics we use meet UK Fire Retardancy Regulations for domestic use as a minimum. We are also able to specify the use of Crib 5 fabrics if a piece is going into a public place or business.

The fabrics we use have high Martindale rub counts (the industry standard measure of durability), and comfortably above the minimum requirement for upholstery.