Deciding on fabric is one of the absolute joys of the job..

We use fabrics I know will enhance the pieces, be able to withstand a good dollop of modern life and age gracefully.

Wool ticks a lot of these boxes – its natural crimp and coiled structure make it less susceptible to sagging and give it a resilience against becoming flat and hard meaning it can cope with a lot of use whilst still retaining colour and form, important given the clean lines of many midcentury designs.

It is also one of the best fabrics to clean, its surface is made up of a series of overlapping scales so dirt sits on the surface making it easy to remove by simply vacuuming and it doesn’t absorb spills quickly giving time for them to be easily blotted up.

Over the years I have also discovered some beautiful wool mix, velvet and print ranges which allows me to offer a wonderfully wide array of colour and pattern options.

My bespoke restoration service allows you to specify a fabric of your choice from the ranges I stock and the world really is your oyster. Sometimes a fabric choice can be very personal, to tone with a beloved painting or existing piece of furniture, and I love guiding customers through the possibilities to help them find or create the perfect piece for them.

Links to the available fabric ranges are listed below and categorised into the price bands I use for the pricing of bespoke restoration.


All of the materials and fabrics we use meet UK Fire Retardancy Regulations for domestic use as a minimum.

The fabrics will all have high Martindale rub counts (the industry standard measure of durability), comfortably above the minimum requirement for upholstery. We can also specify fabrics with higher contract grade Martindale counts if the piece will be going into a hospitality or public space. See our Trade section for more details.


Standard/BAND 2 Range:

Camira Main Line Flax 75/25% wool flax blend

Warwick Ameathon –  A tactile wool blend

Linwood Lundy –  A semi-plain tweed style textured weave

Abraham Moon & Sons – Furnishing Section Collections

Camira Synergy –  A soft handle wool blend

Camira Blazer –  A pure New Zealand wool

Linwood Juno –  A linen mix plains collection

Linwood Lana – A recycled Italian wool blend

Linwood Omega – Stain resistant velvets


Linwood Tango – A durable cotton velvet

Linwood Cosmos –  Stain resistant cotton mix velvet

Bute Melrose – A textured wool collection

Bute Tweed – A tweed wool in rich hues with textured flecks

Bute Clan –  Jacquard collaboration with David Irwin

Bute Ramshead – A collaboration with  Timorous  Beasties

BAND 3+:

We can also offer some other ranges from Kvadrat, Christopher Farr, Bute and Newton Paisley. Just drop us a line for an individual quote.