Deciding on fabric is one of the absolute joys of the process and the world really is your oyster.

Sometimes a fabric choice can be very personal, to tone with a beloved painting or existing piece of furniture, and I love guiding customers through the possibilities to help them bring the perfect design and fabric together.

We are proud of the links we have with many of the best British fabrics brands as well as individual textile designers. It allows us to offer you a wide and eclectic range of fabric options for your bespoke headboard. If you would like to provide your own fabric just drop us a line as this is sometimes possible.

Once you have an idea of the colours/tones you like we can send you a range of swatches to consider and are happy to discuss possibilities and offer guidance.  We always advise customers to look at fabrics in the space where the headboard will sit as different light can make a big difference.

All of our headboards meet UK Fire Retardancy Regulations for domestic use as a minimum. We can also specify Crib 5 fabrics if a headboard is going into a public place or business.


Pillow Stops: A pillow stop is a headboard extension panel which runs down the back of the mattress. This panel is thinner and still ensures the mattress sits snugly against the headboard. We can specify pillow stops for all of our headboards

Piping – We can specify contrast or non-contrast piping on all of our headboards. You may wish to pick out a colour from the headboard fabric or opt for a completely contrasting tone. There is also an option to have a double row of piping to accentuate the headboard design, the choice is yours!


All of the materials and fabrics we use meet UK Fire Retardancy Regulations for domestic use as a minimum. We can also specify fabrics with Crib 5 fire retardancy if the headboard will be going into a hospitality space.


Here are just a few of our fabric options. Just drop us a line if you would like swatches and pricing details.


Christopher Farr

Designers Guild 

Abraham Moon & Sons – Furnishing Section Collections

Linwood Omega II & III – Stain resistant velvets

Linwood Tango – A durable cotton velvet

Linwood Cosmos –  Stain resistant cotton mix velvet

Bute Clan –  Jacquard collaboration with David Irwin

Bute Ramshead – A collaboration with  Timorous  Beasties

 Newton Paisley.