Refurbishing exisiting vintage frames lengthens their lives and means they come with a lower carbon footprint. The craftsmanship and quality of design of the sofas and armchairs we restore gives them a longevity we value and we hope our customers feel the same.

We want our pieces to be cherished, lived with and passed on, (and maybe even reupholstered again down the line…) They will become your future heirlooms.

We often use wool for upholstery, a natural material wool is robust and inherently fire retardant for domestic use which means it requires no additional fire retardant treatment and it also uses less energy during its production than manufacturing man-made fibres.

If you are interested in knowing more about fabrics we use and the ways in which the fabric companies are beginning to focus on reducing the environmental impact of both materials and processes just get in touch, I love to talk about the changes afoot, (in fact you may wish you’d never asked…)

The cushions and interiors of our Restored Collection are upholstered in materials to comply with UK Fire Retardancy regulations, however we have also been able to source cushion interiors which are a blend of latex, coir, flax, hair and wool, and as part of our bespoke restoration service we can offer reupholstery of some of our vintage frames using natural materials only. Do drop us a line if this might be of interest and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

We endeavour, where possible, to deliver our pieces in reusable furniture bags wherever possible to minimise use of single use plastic wrap.