There is a phrase often associated with 20th century design that weaves a common thread through Danish mid-century furniture making and always resonates with me when I’m contemplating the pieces we restore.

It’s the idea of ‘form & function’ – the importance placed on the functionality of a piece in its design, how it will be used as well as how it looks.

These original mid-century designs were so well thought through – longer legs lift the frames off the floor and create a sense of lightness and space around the pieces; the angled back profiles make them comfortable without necessarily having to be as deep as modern furniture, (you can sit on them rather than having to climb into them..); and the elegant, timeless designs and quality of craftsmanship ensure they’ll be with you for the long term.

Whilst the original frames may sometimes be suffering the effects of their old upholstery when they arrive, they have these ‘good design bones’ and it’s such a pleasure to bring them back to their former glory..

Our aim is to stay true to that ideal of form and function, so that by the time they leave us they are looking their absolute best, but as importantly, the way they’ve been restored and the fabrics we have used, ensure they are comfortable, practical and have real longevity as well.

A cosy comfortable armchair performs so many important functions, particularly at the moment. Right now, for me, it’s my spot for those precious early morning moments – a quiet house, my sacred first coffee of the day, watching the unfurling of spring in the garden and making plans, (even if just what to have for breakfast…) How about you?