In Celebration of Curves..

Curves are everywhere at the moment and it’s an interiors trend we love. It feels like we need some softer lines and a more embracing tone in the current climate, can’t imagine why…

And whilst there is a stereotype of midcentury sofa design as the classic 60s ‘Mad Men’ low profile couch, beautifully angular with lines so clean you can see you face in them, in fact midcentury is a broad church and early midcentury design comes with some pretty amazing curves.




One of the most archetypal 1930s Danish designs is known as the Banana sofa, and it’s easy to see why

With beautiful crescent silhouettes these pieces really are a big hug in sofa form and a perfect place of refuge, (preferably with a cuppa and the papers..)

There are many varieties of the form, scalloped backs, rolled arms, longer or shorter legs, but they all have curves in all the right places and can bring real warmth to an interior scheme.





The curves carried through into Danish 1940s designs, sometimes with a more upright back but continuing the flowing lines and softer profiles.

Peter Hvidt was a renowned Danish midcentury furniture designer, producing some classic iconic midcentury designs in partnership with Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen, But his earlier, more traditional, 40s pieces are equally as beautiful and very much embraced the curve, (it’s difficult to see on this photo but even the front profile of the front legs is curved!)






Another proponent of curves was the Swedish designer Carl Malmsten. In 1923 he designed an armchair and sofa for the Stockholm Concert Hall. When he later commissioned O.H. Sjögren to manufacture the designs, the model was named ‘Samsas’ which means ‘togetherness’ or ‘harmony’ in Swedish. This design is is absolutely timeless and still in production today.









The quality of design and construction of these earlier midcentury frames is wonderful and they are an absolute pleasure to refurbish.

There’s also a real integrity to these pieces, they come with a lower carbon footprint and authentic design heritage, ready to be enjoyed, lived with and passed on for years to come.

You can find some lovely curved frames in our current  Restored Collection  and we offer bespoke restoration of our Frames for Refurbishment Collection. Alternatively we are happy to source a particular design if you have a specific style or size in mind.